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Group Buying!

27 Sep

In our group buying model many people get together and negotiate discounts. For example, if one camera costs $200, then the seller would be willing to sell two for $380, three for $520 etc. In this model both the buyer and seller win.  It is not necessary to have a very large group to negotiate discounts. With as little as three or four buyers you should be able to negotiate a satisfactory discount. However a larger group will always be able to negotiate larger discounts.

Each buyer, even if they buy the same item, have slightly different preferences e.g. someone may like a red camera, somebody blue, yet some others black. However, as long as the items bought are same or similar the group will be able to negotiate a discount.

We have launched just such a product. At www.thebuyersnNET.com you can form a buying group of same or similar items where you can have individual variances to suit your individual taste and style. A person buying a refrigerator can also team up with a person buying a dish washer and negotiate a discount.

The buying group can exchange ideas wnd invite many sellers of their choice to bid on their club business and then negotiate them down further using the negotiate feature. The whole process is fully automated. There is no exchange of money between buyers and all payments are made through the website directly to sellers. You money is safe.

So join and enjoy a unique buying experience that strengthens your buying power at www.thebuyersNET.com! Get together, buy together!


What is a 24 hour club?

19 Sep

We have created a simple concept called the 24 hour club on www.thebuyersNET.com. Any registered seller gets to post deals that are better than the current market price for one day.

How does it benefit the buyer?

The buyer gets a low price that he will not find anywhere else.

How does it benefit the seller?

The seller gets to sell multiple units of the same item in 24 hours thereby reducing transaction costs that he can pass on to the buyer.

It is a win-win situation for everyone. This is what the core philosophy of thebuyersNET.com is all about. The buyers get lower prices and the sellers make volume sales.

So join thebuyersNET.com for a brilliant new shopping experience (www.thebuyersNET.com).

Group buying – made simple

16 Sep

We have been working on developing this site for the last two years. Finally we have reached a point where we can now invite consumers to use it.

Everyone knows that you can get lower prices when you buy in larger quantities. To make this happen, we have created a portal where you can form your own buying clubs, invite your friends and family to join in or join in with other members. You can do this for expensive electronics, computer systems or even day to day items like groceries, diapers or organic produce.

Once you have the desired quantity, invite sellers to bid on your club business and negotiate from the point of strength. Exert your combined buying power to negotiate volume discounts.

Go ahead and try it at www.thebuyersNET.com and let me know what you think. Our mantra is “Get together, buy together!”

thebuyersNET.com has been launched!

9 Jun

Last week we launched an unique internet marketplace that allows buyers to get together and buy together. At thebuyersNET.com, ordinary people can form buying clubs with their peers to negotiate group discounts.With thebuyersNET.com, ordinary people can form buying clubs with their peers to negotiate group discounts.

Whether you want to purchase food from organic farms, get deals on electronic packaged goods, buy parts for your car buying club or join other parents in getting discounts on children’s products, thebuyersNET.com allows buyers to leverage their combined buying power to purchase goods in bulk by forming buying clubs.

We expect this to give the buyers bargaining power and discounts at the time of their choosing. Buyers do not have to wait for month end sale, semi annual sale, model clearence sale etc. to decide to buy. They have the absolute power to buy when they need to at www.thebuyersNET.com