How I started on my project!

One evening I was sitting around tinkering with my new laptop when I had an  idea for a new ecommerce model came to me. I turned around and asked my wife “What do you think of this?”.  It is good she answered provided you do something about it. It made sense but what do I do?

I am an accountant and have little to no experience with doing anything online. So the journey began. The first step was to figure out if I was the last of a zillion people with the same idea. I was not, now what?

“Now what?” had become my mantra.  Every time I thought I had finished something the “Now What?” question came up. Every time the answer was the same – I do not know. Get back to researching the topic you will get your answers, I told myself. And the project continued……

By now I had a working model. Little did I know when I started that I had to convince everyone and the doorpost before I could even get a working model. And it does not even stop at that. Even your neighbors dog has a suggestion on what the project is all about. Finally the model was there. It was an excruciating six months and it had only just begun.

I started looking at funding options. Should I got to a VC or an Angel? And who are these guys and what do they look for? Start your research again. This time the answers were not positive. It is an ecommerce model, knucklehead. Nobody funds ecommerce projects till it  has been proved. So the answer is simple go tho the 3Fs – Friends, Family & Fools and raise some money. That is what I did.

Once there was money to go around the work starts all over again. This time converting your model into a beta site. You would think this would be easy considering that you have a model. But little did I know. It has been a few months since this has started and here we are. We are on the verge of launching the beta model in the next two weeks. It is amazing how the time has passed by. It has been over a year and now we are at the starting block, once again. Now what?


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