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2 Apr

You have to be a sado masochist to read the news these days. Each news inflicts more pain and no gratification.


Which brain is better….

23 Mar

Which brain is better?
The average use of a brilliant brian or the brilliant use of an average brain.
Your thoughts……….

Sleezebag Millionaires!

9 Mar

The latest Wall Street Production starring:

  •  Bernie andRuth Madoff – $50 billion and counting
  •  Art Nadel – the Florida Ponzi artist – $350 million stolen
  • Allen Stanford of the $8 billion Stanford Bank fame
  • Nicholoas Cosmo – the NY scamster – $370 million

Technical assistance provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

How comfortable are you negotiating……

24 Nov

What are your major concerns in this economy?

12 Nov

The economic situation is deeply disconcerting. This is just a poll to identify what the major issues.

Should we UnPresident George Bush?

3 Nov

The political season is now coming to an end. In two days the election will be over and we will get back to our daily unexciting lives. The last few months has been exciting. The economy crashed, the politics interesting and SNL has been great. Once we find out who the next President is, there is no more suspense left. It is like the day after the superbowl or the day after the MLB worldchampionship. We will have to wait for a few months for the inauguration which is like a parade for the champion. Here is where it is different from sports. It is after the victory that the new President has to start doing the job that he promised us the last 21 months. Don’t you think that it is absolutely crazy that a person has to work only after wining. We should create a run of  where we vote on confirming the title only after the term has been completed. This way we can decide not to confirm someone who did not do their job. We should also be allowed to vote on their salaries, bonuses and retirement package. This way we reward the person for a job well done or just do a cost of living adjustment for the under performing one. Let me know your thoughts.

Politics and Economy

10 Oct

Politics and the economy are in the forefront of everyones mind these days. The two words have also become fairy inter-twined. Gone are the good old days where the President’s morality was more important than a President’s intelligence.

Probably the market is capitulating as I write this. Hopefully, we are near the bottom. The Fed has done more after the problem started then it ever did before the problem began. Greenspan had called the housing bubble a froth in 2005. I came across an article by Mike Whitney ( in 2005 that speaks very lucidly about the potential of the disaster.

Much has been said and written about this disaster. For the next fifty years this meltdown will be discussed by notable management schools like Harvard, Yale and the like. Hindsight will identify the problem and discuss measures not to allow it to happen again.

We are living in a time of historic happenings. Neither your name nor mine will make the history books but we are the common people that history will talk about. We are the common people who lost our homes, lost our savings, lost our lives as we knew it. The words meltdown, bailout, derivatives, credit default swaps will all be the jargons used to describe the event. Movies will be made, there will be documentaries, personal videos on you tube, thousands of blogs like this one will be written.

This is a new beginning. A different world. A new financial system. We are just getting into the new reality. We will learn and adapt very quickly and this will be a distant memory. The elections will be over. There will be a new President. The spin will start and we will all glide along into the beginnings of a new bubble. Be smart everybody. Don’t get fooled this time around.